Georgr Weiner portrail

George J. Weiner, MD
Dr. C.E. Block Chair of Cancer Research
Professor of Internal Medicine, Carver College of Medicine
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics, College of Pharmacy
Director Emeritus, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

Suresh Veermani photo

Suresh Veeramani, MS, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

Caitlyn Lemke Miltner photo

Caitlin Lemke, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist

Sue Blackwell photo

Sue Blackwell, BS, MS
Research Assistant

Chaobo Yim photo

Chaobo Yin
Research Assistant

Jyoti Arora portrait

Jyoti Arora
Graduate Student

Travis Fischer portrait

Travis Fischer
Graduate Student

Lab group photo
Pictured (from left): Suresh Veeramani, Sue Blackwell, Chaobo Yin, Jyoti Arora, Caitlin Lemke, Travis Fischer, George Weiner